Yes, your relationship ended but it is still awkward and somewhat devastating to see your former partner moving on, especially if the breakup is still fresh. Then, you start seeing them all over the place, laughing, having fun, and you begin to worry. This seems to be the case with Kimoprah, newly evicted housemate of the 2019 BBNaija reality show as her relationship with Gedoni is becoming really interesting.

Anyway, in an interview the ex beauty queen had with Bet9ja ambassador and former BBNaija housemate, Tobi Bakre, she was heard saying that she was sure that he would never put her up for nomination and also said that she was 100% sure if Gedoni had the Veto power and she and Khafi were up for eviction, he would pick her (Kimoprah) over Khafi.

Confidence or pride? She even said she was sure because when you know your stand in someone’s life, you just know. It could also be that he isn’t totally over her as it looks with this situation with these ladies.

Even when Biggie called Gedoni into the Diary room for his session. he confessed to missing Kimoprah and would love to have her back in the House.

While we are on the matter of breakups and exes, let us talk about how it can be. One of the most common reasons why we can’t let go of the fact our ex has a new love is that we automatically assume this new person is better than you in every way. In order to overcome this problem, you should ditch those thoughts that say your ex got an upgrade. This new person in their life isn’t necessarily more attractive, smarter, or prettier than you are.

Bear in mind that the relationship ended because things didn’t work out, it’s life and those things happen to everyone. Banishing negative thoughts isn’t always easy, but with regular practice, you can do it successfully. Every time you start thinking the other person is better and you’re worthless, think of a reason to debunk those thoughts

It’s easy to think that the new relationship, especially if the breakup is fresh, erases everything you two had. But, that is impossible! No, this new person is not your replacement. In fact, he/she doesn’t want to be a mere replacement as well. The new relationship doesn’t come with some magical option that deletes a person’s past. Both of you will still share the same memories, it’s entirely natural. Accepting this fact is a part of growing up and acknowledging it is time to move on.

This brings up a big question; are you sure Gedoni isn’t going to hurt Khafi at the end of the day?