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JackieB is the daughter of a former Senator, Grace Bent, who represented Adamawa South Federal Constituency in the hallowed chambers.


In an interview with Sunday Scoop, Jackie B said, “I only spoke about it when I felt the need to. Even outside the house, I am not the kind of person that goes around announcing who my mother is. It doesn’t really make sense to me, so in the house as well, I never brought it up if we were not having a conversation where I thought it was necessary to do that.

Commenting on her relationships in the house, the mother of one revealed that she made some close friends in the house but had no intention of having an intimate relationship with Boma stating, “I don’t think I was trying to pursue a relationship with Boma. He was the first person to publicly say that he liked me. Of course, I didn’t shut him down but I made him understand that I wasn’t seeing things that way.

“I bonded with virtually all the housemates but I was closest to Sammie. I had a special friendship with him. He was always there to uplift my spirit, regardless of how he was feeling. I really enjoyed being in the house with him. I also connected with Michael. Cross is another amazing guy. There were no dull moments with him. He is loyal to a fault and he is very open about how he feels. If I was to say who I didn’t really get to know, it would probably be Pere. I don’t think we had that many conversations in the house but he is a cool guy as well.”