There have been several assumptions by the viewers that Instagram slay queen Tacha does not have enough clothes because she has been seen repeating the same clothes in the house.

Well, it looks like the viewers are right after all  because according to Tacha “the orientation she had was that they will be given clothes in the house but unfortunately, they have not been given any outfit.

She pleaded with Biggie to please do something about the cloth issue because she did not come to the enough with plenty clothes.

Viewers of Big brother show that knows Tacha on Instagram can testify to the fact that the first daughter of Port Harcout city has been wearing the same outfits she wears in her Instagram videos.

They noticed she did not come to the house with enough clothes, but it was hard to believe until the 23 year old confessed to Biggie.

Do you think Tacha made a big mistake by not coming to the house with enough clothes?

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