Dubai-based Nigerian big boy, Hushpuppi may not be in the news as he used to, but he is sure still living the good life and has once again taken to social media to let people know that.

For many people, N600k is a significant amount of money that can do a lot in their lives. While the money is enough to cover tuition fees for some people and even pay house rent or as it is, cover food expense for months, for others it is enough to get them a decent car.

However, for Nigerian big boy, Ray Hushpuppi, that is nothing but spare change, literally. It is just enough to cover his dinner bills, not for a year but for a single night. The Malaysian-based Gucci master who is currently in Dubai, has proven once again that lavish spending comes natural to him.

He recently took to his Instastory to share videos and photos of the exotic dinner as he flaunted the receipts of the N600k bill he paid for his meal. He captioned one of the photos: “600 thousand naira for night food, i better no hungry the entire week o”

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