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John Boyega’s Nigerian Roots

John Boyega

John Boyega is a British actor, born to Nigerian immigrant parents. He’s most famous for his role in the series of new Star Wars movies. Despite being born and raised in Great Britain, John is very proud of his roots. When the “Black Lives Matter” movement began, he attended a London rally in support of the BLM movement and in opposition to police arbitrariness. Instead of standing in the crowd, the actor climbed higher and delivered a speech to the audience.



“I’m not sure if I’ll have a career after this,” Boyega said, “but the hell with everything.” (he used a much stronger word, but we have edited it)- Black lives have always been important. We’ve always been significant. We’ve always come out on top, no matter what. The moment has arrived. I’m not going to wait any longer. I’m not going to wait any longer.” A career in Hollywood is like a basketball betting online prototype itself, and it seemed like Boyega gambled with his by welcoming the justice and standing up for his roots.


Boyega’s performance was captured on video and photographed, and it quickly spread across the internet. As it turned out, the actor’s concerns about his career were in vain: his performance was praised by stars and filmmakers, many of whom expressed a desire to collaborate with him in the future.

Jo Malone Commercial Incident

Jo Malone has apologized to “Star Wars” actor John Boyega for replacing him in an advertisement that was released in China. The Chinese star Liu Haozhan played his role in the adapted video, which was based on Boyega’s script and idea. This was interpreted as racism in addition to copyright infringement.


In the original commercial, Boyega walks around his native areas in London, rides a horse, dances with friends, and talks with his family (his real friends and relatives starred in the video). Boyega directed the entire video, which is based on his personal story: in one of the interviews, he stated that he wanted to tell about his Nigerian roots in this way.


The Chinese version kept all of the main elements of the script but changed the actors, abandoning the previously shown multiculturalism in favor of Chinese natives. Boyega was not notified of the release of a new ad based on the story of black people without black people, but he discovered it on Twitter.


Following that, the company was forced to apologize to the actor and remove the video. Jo Malone admitted that they should not have used the author’s idea again: “John is a fantastic artist with a strong personal vision. The video’s concept was based on John’s personal experience, and it should not have been repeated “, the company stated.

How Social Networks Accepted The Commercial

Social networks were quick to jump the judging wagon. They were able to criticize the “adaptation” on social media, pointing out racism in it. Fans of the actor recalled a 2015 incident in which the character of Boyega was significantly smaller on Chinese posters of the film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” than in the original version.


However, not everyone agrees with this interpretation. As a result, Tianwei Zhang, a Chinese expert from the “Women’s Wear Daily” publication, stated that the adaptation of advertising was a purely marketing decision made without regard for racism: “I don’t think it’s fair to criticize brands that want to interact more deeply with the local audience.” Jo Malone appointed Liu as its ambassador for the same reason Boyega did: they want to attract new customers, black or Chinese.”


It’s safe to say that John is very proud of his Nigerian roots and he’s an excellent ambassador and voice for the young generation.

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