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Confirmation of Canadian Permanent Residence

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Obtaining a Permanent Resident Confirmation When an immigrant’s application for permanent residence in Canada is approved, they receive a document from Canada.

It is a necessary document that, when you immigrate to Canada, must typically be signed by an immigration officer or the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Given that, this article has all the information you require on the Confirmation of Permanent Residence in Canada, including:

The COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Residence Canada) paperwork contains all the relevant details.

How can you obtain a replacement COPR document?

And a lot more…

In Canada, Why Do I Need a COPR Document?

Your Canadian Permanent Resident Confirmation is extremely precious and needs to be stored in a secure location. This is due to the fact that you will also require it if you intend to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Not only does your COPR paperwork serve as confirmation of your Canadian citizenship, but it can also be very useful should you lose your Canadian PR card or forget to renew it. In these situations, the COPR document can be used to demonstrate your legal permanent residence in Canada.

It can also be used as evidence of the precise time and date of your arrival in Canada when applying for Old Age Security.

The Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) document is given to immigrants as proof of their entry into the country as permanent residents, recording the precise time and date of their arrival.

However, in general, you will need a COPR document to show to provincial and territorial organizations in Canada in order to have access to certain services within the country.

Because it would be examined by the immigration officer or IRCC at their port of entry, immigrants outside of Canada are frequently issued this document prior to their travel to Canada. Your COPR document will be given to you before you arrive in Canada unless you are already there.

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Your Confirmation of Permanent Residence Canada will be given to you at your port of entry if neither of these alternatives applies to you.

What Details Must Be Included in a Canada Confirmation of Permanent Residence Document?

Each COPR document includes all the pertinent data on the immigrant listed as well as details pertaining to the IRCC application.

The COPR that you received when you immigrated to Canada includes information that makes it distinct from other copies of the same thing, information about your IRCC application, information about you, and so on.

The following details are present on the IMM 5292 (the IMM 5688 may differ slightly):

Your Client ID (UCI), which is specific to you, and the document number specific to your COPR is located at the top of the document.

The document’s personal information is listed below the heading “Confirmation of Permanent Residence” and includes the following:

Your surname, given name, and “name flag” (the IRCC’s word for an alias you use that isn’t your legal name) are listed in the first row.

Date of birth in the second row (dd/mm/yyyy).

Your country of birth and birthplace

Your gender as of the time of landing, third row

Your marital status when you arrived

Your country of residence when you arrived (if you have more than one, the citizenship of the passport you were using to land in Canada)

Fourth Row: Your passport number at the time of landing, the passport’s validity, and the country where the travel document was issued (often left blank)

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Your family situation as at the time of landing in the fifth row (an IRCC numeric code)

Your eye colour and height.

Your accompanying family members, if any, are listed in line 14, the big blank area immediately below all that information.

There is a section that asks whether you have any other dependents who are not with you beneath the list of family members.

The address of your first residence in Canada is listed on line 15, along with, if relevant, the name of the owner.

For IRCC use, lines 16, 17, and 18 are provided.

A date and signature that attest to the veracity of the information above are included in this section.

The time is when you arrived.

The lines below this are for the purpose of IRCC and contain dates and numeric numbers pertaining to your application for permanent residence.

Information regarding your arrival is provided below:

Line 41 is your flight number, and Line 39 is for any comments the CBSA officer made (if applicable)

Lines 42 and 43 show how much money you have on hand and whether or not your PR status is subject to any constraints.

The date you become a PR is on line 45.

Your landing point was line 46.

47 is the immigration officer’s signature.

You must have your COPR stamped. It cannot be used as a travel document, hence it is NOT VALID FOR TRAVEL.

Your passport or other travel documents will be stamped with the Confirmation of Permanent Residence and a counterfoil for a Permanent Resident Visa.

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To complete the procedure for obtaining permanent residency in Canada, both documents must be shown to the officer at a port of entry.

You must sign a box on the Confirmation of Permanent Residence paperwork, which also has a picture of you in it, as instructed by the office upon admission into Canada.

The officer will check if the biodata listed on the Confirmation of Permanent Residence form and the information in your passport or another travel document when you seek to become a permanent resident at a port of entry and have a Confirmation of Permanent Residence.

If a clerical error has occurred, the document should be amended to bring it into compliance with the biographical information on the passport or other travel document.

You must make sure that the information on your passport and Confirmation of Permanent Residence is accurate.

You must let the officer know if this is incorrect so that it can be fixed. If you don’t do this, you’ll run into problems with any future immigration procedures, such as seeking Canadian citizenship.

Can I Get a New Copy of My Permanent Resident Confirmation?
Your COPR cannot be replaced, but you can obtain a Verification of Status, which will fulfil the same purpose. Study more.


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