China responds to news about providing money to support terrorist organizations in Nigeria

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The person who speaks for China in Nigeria talked about what was written in The Times newspaper about the media.

We saw a news story called “Chinese paid off Nigerian rebels to reach lots of minerals” in the Times of the U.K. On the 15th of April in 2023.

This report says that Beijing might be helping to fund terrorist activities in Nigeria, but there is no proof that it is true. We strongly disagree with this report.

The Chinese government has asked Chinese companies and people living in Nigeria to follow Nigerian laws, rules about work, safety, environment, and health. They will keep reminding them to do this.

China’s government never and will never support terrorism with money.

The accusations in the report were very bad and wrong. People are not sure why the report was written.

In the last few years, China and Nigeria have worked together and helped each other out, which has been really helpful for both countries and their citizens.

We will keep helping the Nigerian government grow and make things safer.

We are happy to work with people from other countries, but we won’t tolerate anyone who tries to hurt our teamwork.

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