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Niyi about Angel multiple advances to him in the shower

Niyi, the only married man in BBNaija revealed this to Biggie during his diary section which has spanked reactions online.

According to him, other housemates also made advances to him so as to test his faithfulness over his wife but he has proven that he is worth a man.


In his words, he said:

“Many a time the housemates see me as a relationship adviser but I have made them understand that I am here to play the game; I am a gamer.”

“Though, some female housemates put me in uncomfortable situations to test if I am strong and committed enough but I have proven to be”.

Beatrice has been telling me that she would like to have something with me in the house and she doesn’t care that I’m married. She also said that my wife would understand whatever I do with her in the house. As for Angel, although I am supposed to have privacy in the shower but she has approached me while I’m in the shower about five times to make advances towards me.”