Last updated on April 17th, 2021 at 11:27 am

The Pepper Dem gang have had a proven record of spicing up their Saturday Night Parties. To ease off the Eviction jitters, Biggie treated the Housemates to a groovy night on Saturday with DJ Lambo and it was lit.

DJ Lambo is one of Nigeria’s finest DJs  and the President of the Choc Boi Nation record label partied with the Housemates and proved her unquestionable hard work – as one of the few female DJs domineering the music industry. She had her signature look and unique style featuring on the dancefloor as the first female DJ to party with the Pepper Dem gang this season.

Saturday Night Party was lit and DJ Lambo brought her A-game in store for the Pepper Dem gang. Here are some tweets that attested to her prowess on the wheels of steel:

“DJ Lambo over DJ Xclusive.. Yes, Papi says So! For the first time I’m glued to channel 29 on my GOTV cause of her abi him sef.”

“DJ Lambo is progressing where DJ XCLUSIVE failed!! Local man is impressed.”

“”DJ Big N really set the bar so fucking high!” At this point, any other DJ that shows up to Saturday party would just seem regular. Now withstanding DJ Lambo is far better than Exclusive.. And DJ Big N greater than both of them combined. Shikena.”

“DJ Lambo is the best DJ hands down this season. Best DJ ever!!! BBNaija No need to look for a new DJ. She’s all you need.”