Ayoola Babalola, who published a call from Peter Obi and Oyedepo, is suspended by Peoples’ Gazette

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One of Peoples Gazette’s gifted and esteemed reporters, Ayoola Babalola, has been placed on administrative leave as a result of his conduct online, which violated the publication’s social media policy and called into question its objectivity.

The decision was made, according to a memo sent to the entire company on Tuesday by Deputy Managing Editor Boladale Adekoya, and Mr. Babalola also consented to go to counseling while he was suspended in order to improve his behavior.

Mr. Adekoya stated in the internal memo distributed to all newsroom staff members that “Ayoola Babalola met with the HR, where he was directed to proceed on suspension for one month without pay.”.

Senior staff of the publication noted that Mr. Babalola was “a vibrant and respected member of the organization’s editorial team,” but emphasized that the reporter’s “conduct on social media, both from months past and as recently as last weekend, grossly violated the organization’s guideline on personnel conduct. “.

The management made the choice after carefully examining the reporter’s scathing responses to persistent online trolls and coming to the conclusion that Mr. Babalola did not act with the decorum and professionalism expected of The Gazette’s employees.

However, Mr. Adekoya noted that the decision to suspend Mr. Babalola was difficult for the organization because of the vicious criticism he received on social media after we broke the story about Peter Obi’s phone call with Bishop Oyedepo. “.

‚ÄúStill, while the organisation sympathises and stands strongly with Mr Babalola and all staff members who come frequently under social media onslaught, the manner with which colleagues handle online trolls is what distinguishes us as professionals. “.

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Screenshots of the controversial tweets could “impugn our professionalism PG well into the future” even though Mr. Babalola had removed them. It was emphasized by the senior editor that “this should never have happened.

“The management values Mr. Babalola’s assistance and cooperation in handling this situation. This influenced the choice to allow him to continue with a one-month suspension and counseling. “.

Upon Mr. Babalola’s return to the company following his suspension and counseling sessions, the senior editor expressed optimism.

In the memo’s concluding sentence, Mr. Adekoya said, “We are pleased to welcome Mr. Babalola back to continue his fearless journalism in this organization.”.

After observing how newsroom coworkers expressed concerns about his posts, which they claim could taint their own work, Mr. Babalola said he would abide by the management’s decision on the matter.

The company’s employee handbook permits editorial staff members to express themselves on social media but forbids the use of offensive language.

Currently covering the political beat for The Gazette, Mr. Babalola previously worked for U. S. Sahara Reporters is based in.

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