APC Chieftain Felix: Tinubu will include the opposition in his cabinet as a reward for hard work

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Bola Ahmed Tinubu will include supporters of the opposition party who are qualified and talented in his cabinet, according to Nicolas Felix, a former candidate for the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidency.

The oath of office would be administered to Tinubu on May 29.

Before the inauguration, Felix, who lost the APC presidential nomination to Tinubu in the run-up to the 2023 general elections, predicted that the former governor of Lagos State would look outside of his Party to assemble a team of capable individuals for his cabinet, including members of the Labour Party and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) among others.

On Tuesday, Felix revealed during a live appearance on the Arise Television program that Tinubu would select people outside of the APC because he values commitment and effort.

He said.
Asiwaju is a man who values loyalty and hard work. However, there are Nigerians who are talented, seasoned, and capable who are not part of our party.

He’ll start choosing people outside of his APC and look beyond it. However, I am also adamant that we are all Nigerians because of the way he has extended his hands in the name of unity, declaring that he wants to create a government of national unity.

“When a president is elected, every patriotic Nigerian is expected to join forces with him or her to work together, unless you are only there for your own interests. Nigeria must improve if you truly desire its development. You must put yourself forward for service with whatever you have to offer.

He has already said, “Come, let’s brainstorm, so I’m sure he won’t be running after people. The President-elect asks them to join hands as many people are willing to come to Asiwaju’s door.

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Therefore, he is no longer in complete control. It is up to our adversary, those who belong to other parties, to embrace him as he has already done. We anticipate Asiwaju will have a fantastic cabinet, and his leadership will make things work once more, the APC chieftain said.

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