An officer of the DSS alleges that REC received 2 billion naira to cheat in the Adamawa governorship election

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A person who works for the Nigerian secret police said that the leader of a group called Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in a place called Adamawa got 2 billion nairas to say that Aishatu Dahiru Binani won the election to be governor.

A video went viral where Isa said that the REC took N2 billion to announce the APC as the winner.

The person who works for DSS said they didn’t help with the fraud. He said that he led a group to catch the person in charge of elections.

I said in the car that the REC got a lot of money, billions of naira, to cheat in the election. Isa said, “I don’t know the exact amount, but let’s say it is N2 billion.”

They asked him why he was at the REC’s place. He said he didn’t work with the REC to get a bribe. His job was to catch the REC with his team. He promised he wasn’t lying.

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DSS means a computer system used by organizations to make decisions based on data.

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