Alex Otti said that his inauguration on May 29 cannot be stopped by anyone or anything

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The new Governor of Abia State, Alex Otti, is very confident that he will be inaugurated on May 29. He believes that nothing can stop it from happening. His swearing-in is very important to him and he will make sure that it happens as planned.

The person who won the election for governor talked about his plans to become the leader of the state. He received a report from a special group that helped him prepare for his new job.

The person who will be the governor said he has people who will help with a problem and he wants to start doing things as soon as possible.

You need to always be careful when you have people who are against you.

I want to tell you that what the people of Abia asked us to do is very important and we will do it no matter what. No one should have trouble sleeping. We will start working on May 29th for four years. We hope to continue our work after that time and we believe that the people of Abia will let us. We want to keep working for another four years with the help of God and make the people of Abia happy.

Otti said his job was made easy by the council.

The Council has 101 members and is run by the head of PWC, Mr. Victor Onyenkpa and Mrs. former CEO of Nigeria’s tax service. Ifueko Omogui-Okaru – This is a person’s name, there is no need to simplify it.

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After hearing the Chairman’s talk, I think you did a great job and made this task really simple. You suggested some ideas we already discussed, but some are also new to us. You made the things we talked about clearer and easier to understand. This makes it simpler to put into action. I need to express my gratitude to all of you.

I appreciate your hard work and effort. Thank you for all the time and energy you put into this. Thank you for doing a job for free. I understand that your time is valuable. You can trust us that we appreciate how hard you have worked on this.

“He promised that your suggestions will be put into action and you will feel proud. ”

Otti wants to create a Ministry to make Aba better, but he might change the name. This is to stop too much bureaucracy from getting in the way of improving Aba.

When we talk about changing things, like technology and business, and when we talk about Aba, I agree with you that creating a Ministry might not be the best answer. We will examine it further and think about other solutions. I want a group that will work for me and be responsible for Aba.

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