Air Peace will take Nigeria’s citizens home from Sudan without any charges

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Air Peace is ready to help Nigerians who are stuck in troubled Sudan and want to leave without charging them any money.

The leader of Air Peace, Mr. (name) Allen Onyema said that Nigerian students and others stuck in a country that is at war need our help urgently. He spoke with reporters who write about airplanes on Sunday night in Lagos.

Air Peace has a single requirement.
Onyema said that his airline will only help the stranded Nigerians if they can go to a nearby country where the airline can fly to pick them up. This is because Sudan’s skies are not open to flights right now.

Air Peace has done this before.
Air Peace helped bring Nigerian people back from South Africa in 2019 during a time when some South Africans were being violent towards foreigners, including Nigerians. This was very scary for the Nigerian people who were living there.

Onyema said he had to help because Nigeria couldn’t afford to lose its citizens in that country. He promised to work hard to make sure the Nigerians stranded in the dangerous country were safe.

He said that we can’t rely only on the government to solve the problem, especially since it’s very important and needs to be fixed quickly. He spoke.

Air Peace is ready to help Nigerians who are stuck in Sudan for free. But the government needs to make sure they can get to a nearby safe airport in a different country. The government can’t be in charge of everything by itself. Others should help too. We will be very proud to help Nigerians who are stuck in Sudan feel good about themselves and their country.

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We are ready to do it right now. Don’t waste time. We support anything that helps people feel proud of their country, come together as one, be peaceful, and stay united. We don’t feel sorry for believing in our country and having love for it, even though there are problems the country is facing. If they go to Kenya, Uganda or any country, we will go get them back. A few moms and dads asked for our assistance. We are prepared to do this many times.

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