After winning a N100m sports wager, the pastor closes the church

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David Ochieng, a pastor in Uganda, closed his church after winning over 100 million on a sports wager.
The churchgoers, however, were left in shock and confusion.

When his congregation arrived for midweek service, he shut down the building and left them stranded. When visitors from the church discovered the gate was locked, they were startled and unsure of what to do.

When Pastor David was contacted, he admitted that he only chose the job as a way to survive rather than because he felt truly called to it.

He gave an explanation.
“I must admit that I started this church out of ‘greed,’ not because of anointing. I observed how some pastors profit from their congregations and create false prophecies to draw in more people, he narrated.

“Over time, I came to the realization that this wasn’t right; I began to experience insomnia; in addition, strange dreams would frequently occur. Everything was normal for me prior to starting this church; I didn’t experience any strange dreams even when I was short on funds. I made the decision to do away with this and start looking for other sources of income.

“Soon after, a notification about fixed games appears on my phone. I listened to the entire story because I thought it was fascinating. Unexpectedly, it took me about a month to receive the games after I obtained the website link and paid the 1,000,000 I needed to purchase them.

“They said they were having system problems and that the process of securing games takes time. I was about to give up and label them frauds when they got in touch with me with the specifics, but wow! I went into full swing. My score was 700 odd.

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“I had to stop going to church because I had found other ways to make money. Up until now, I have made a lot of money that I never thought I would ever make in my life. “.

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