After the decision of the appeals court, Oyetola tells his supporters that “Reclaiming My Mandate Remains Undoubted.”

Posted by Adegboyega Oyetola, the former governor of Osun, has pleaded with APC members and supporters to remain composed and not to be disheartened by the outcome of the Friday appeal, saying his unwavering faith in God to restore his mandate is unquestionable.

In a statement released by his media assistant, Ismail Omipidan, Oyetola stated his belief in the judiciary is unwavering in response to the Appeal Court decision that reversed the Tribunal’s initial decision to dismiss Governor Ademola Adeleke.

He continued by saying:.
We have heard the Appeal Court’s decision, but we have not yet received a copy of it.

“However, based on the tidbits we are hearing, we think we may have a case to make in front of the Supreme Court. We continue to have faith in the legal system, just as I continue to have unwavering faith in God’s promise that my mandate will be restored.

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