Adamu Garba says that Buhari has made the Nigeria military almost as strong as the military of other powerful countries around the world

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Adamu Garba has praised President Buhari for making the Nigerian military very strong during his eight years in office.

On Sunday, Garba tweeted that Buhari has taken back control of the Ajaokuta steel company, the Mambila power plant and other important parts of the power sector that were being stopped by the western countries.

The leader of APC said that despite their protests, the President passed a new law about petroleum and made changes to how the country does business with other countries.

Garba said that Buhari made a law to develop solid minerals and created a government group to purchase gold and increase the value of the naira.

He expressed himself in writing.
What do you think about @BBCWorld? In the past, Western media has often criticized admirable African leaders, such as President Muhammadu Buhari. No surprise!

The President helped make things better by getting back control of important things like power systems and certain places from being controlled by western forces. He made a law even though many people were against it. He also improved Nigeria’s military so it became one of the best in the world.

“He was able to adjust our foreign policy to benefit Nigeria, unlike other leaders in Africa who are controlled by other countries.” He made a big plan to improve farming so that we have enough food all the time.

He said no to USA very clearly. A place in Nigeria where the military operates from.

“He got the West African gas pipeline project started by kicking it off.” Chinese investors were given permission to keep working on the LNG Train 7 and Train 8 project even though the west had stopped it. He focused a lot on African projects, especially in Nigeria, and made them a top priority for himself.

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The leader can make a new rule to create a group that will buy gold and help to make the Nigerian money stronger. He wants to join a group called BRICS to make a new way of running the world. He wants Africa to have a big say in what happens.

He organized a very fair and open election that was better than any election in Western countries. His group won fairly and will soon give power to a new leader named Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He is a nationalist, strong, and independent-minded person who will become the President of Nigeria. And so on.

If popular news sources like BBC World, CNN, Al Jazeera, ReutersWorld, AFP, etc. are not criticizing Buhari’s achievements, then it means he hasn’t accomplished much for Nigeria.

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