Adamu Garba is angry and says that Peter Obi can never become President because he insulted people from the North

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A leader in the APC, Adamu Garba, told the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, to be careful.

Garba said Obi will never become president because he supposedly offended the people in the North.

He cautioned because Obi said he would help poor people in the Northern area.

Obi said he wants to improve Nigeria, beginning in the North, and he is determined to keep this promise.

The candidate from the political party known as LP posted a message on Twitter.

“I want to help people who are poor and make Nigeria better. I will start in the North and work towards improving the whole country. It’s important for me to do this because it’s what the people voted for.”

Garba said that Obi would not become a president again.

Garba wrote on Twitter.
We are aware that you are disrespecting us Northerners, Mr. @PeterObi, we want you to know that you will never become the President of Nigeria, even though you may imagine it could happen.

You will never be able to reach it. You narrow-minded, strongly religious, and focused on your own culture business person.

“You can travel to Finland to compete with your new Biafra government that is currently living abroad.”

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