A pastor caused trouble when he constructed a church on land he borrowed from a woman for a 3-day religious gathering

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A pastor from Nigeria was forced to leave the church he made because he used land that wasn’t his. A woman from the church let him use it.

The woman’s daughter, Ifeoluwa Anthonia, said that she agreed to let the pastor use their land for a revival that would last for three days. However, she later forgot about it.

She said the religious leader built a church on the same land and asked members to pray for God to help them become the rightful owners.

Anthonia’s mom forgot she gave a piece of land to the pastor. Anthonia asked her uncle to help get them out because they were told to leave the land.

according to what she said
My mum let a pastor use a piece of land for a religious gathering called revival for three days. She forgot about the land and then found out that someone had built a church on it. This person tells their church members to pray for God to give them the land.

The man who spoke to me said that it seems like they have asked for my mom to forget about the land. I called my uncle, he doesn’t tolerate that kind of behavior, and he made them leave the same week.

Look at the information or message that is written under this statement.

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