A man was charged with taking 245 car tires worth 4.2 million naira without permission

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A man named Anthony Owusi, who is 49 years old, went to court in Lagos because he was accused of stealing 245 car tyres.

Owusi was accused of planning with others to steal something. He went to a court called Magistrate L.J.K Layeni where he said he did not do it.

The lawyer representing the side that is accusing someone of a crime is called the Prosecution Counsel. Dr. Simon Uche said in court that the person did something wrong on September. On May 5th, 2022, in the Akinbayode region of Ojo.

He said that the defendant and some other people planned to steal 245 car tyres of different sizes that belonged to Chukwudi Emele. Some of these people are still not caught.

The lawyer stated that the tires were valued at N4.2 million.

The prosecutor says that the crime goes against the rules in sections 287 and 411 of the Criminal Law in Lagos State for the year 2015.

Layeni said the person accused can leave jail if they pay N500,000 and find two people to promise to help them. He postponed the case until May 17 for a trial.

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