A bricklayer was sentenced to a two-year term of imprisonment for the distribution of cannabis to fellow inmates in Lagos’ penitentiary

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The Federal High Court in Lagos imposed a two-year imprisonment on Rasheed Bolaji, a 31-year-old bricklayer, for the offense of selling marijuana, also known as cannabis, within the premises of the Ikoyi Custodial Center.

On Friday, Judge Abimbola Awogboro rendered a verdict of guilt on the defendant with regards to two charges, namely: trafficking and unlawful dealing of 5.3 kg of Indian hemp.

Bolaji was formally accused by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) subsequent to being apprehended vending banned substances to inmates within the confines of the correctional facility.

The defendant entered a plea of guilty in relation to the charges brought against them.

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During the course of his review following Bolaji’s admission of guilt, Erondu expounded to the court that the aforementioned individual had been apprehended with a proscribed substance at the Ikoyi facility of the Correctional Services in Lagos on December 2nd, 2022, whilst actively engaged in the prohibited activity.

According to her statement, the transgression perpetrated was in contravention of and subject to penalty under Sections 11(b) and 11(c) of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Act, Cap N 30, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.

Erondu implored the tribunal to impose a penalty upon the offender in accordance with the provisions of Sections 274(2) and 375 of the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act 2015.

Bolaji, on the other hand, implored for clemency and assuaged to abstain from any unlawful activities, provided an opportunity for redemption is granted.

According to Bolanle Kolawole, counsel for the defence, the individual in question engaged in the consumption of cannabis sativa, commonly known as Indian hemp, for the purposive end of augmenting his physical stamina whilst undertaking his trade as a bricklayer.

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She made an appeal to the court to exercise leniency in the sentencing of the accused, while simultaneously beseeching the court to consider the option of imposing a fine as opposed to an incarceration sentence.

Justice Awogboro rendered a verdict and imposed a sentence of two years imprisonment upon the defendant, precluding any possibility of monetary restitution.

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