39 kids are kidnapped by bandits in Nigeria

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The government has been urged to help the parents of 39 children who were kidnapped by bandits while working on a farm in the Faskari Local Government Area of Katsina State.

A source said that on Sunday, a huge group of criminals broke into the farm where the kids were working.

The Mairuwa community, according to the report, suffered the most damage during the bandit onslaught.

He claimed that when they (the bandits) surrounded the farm, the terrorists began intermittently firing.

A representative of the farm paid the robbers N1 million as a levy before mobilizing the kids, the source continued, noting that most of the adults working on the farm with the kids were able to flee during the raid.

the source reported

They demanded N3 million from the owner before he could harvest his product, and when he offered them N1 million as partial payment, he intended to start the task before they had all of the money, but sadly the bandits would not accept that.

There are 33 victims total in our community of Mairuwa, including young women who are engaged.

According to him, the farm’s owner lives in Funtua, but his agent is based in Mairuwa village. He further said that the robbers are currently seeking N30 million in ransom over the phone of one of the victims.

He went on to say that the bandits said they were at the farm to kidnap either the owner or his representative, highlighting the fact that since they were unable to meet either of them, they chose to take people who worked for them instead.

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SP The police in Katsina are working in coordination with the state government and other security services to rescue the victims, according to police spokesman Gambo Isah.

Six of the victims reportedly won their freedom on Tuesday, it was learned.

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